Business experts describe efficient and consistent telecommunication services as being among the major drivers of business sector growth in any economy. The business community and citizens in Malawi are facing long standing telecommunication challenges and inefficiencies by telecommunication operators, rendering negative effects on the business environment, therefore contributing to the dwindling of the already crippled economy.
The Malawi government and economists are encouraging consumers to buy and use locally made products to support the crumbling economy and the country's depreciating currency.
Recent rain shortages and possible effects of El Niño may intensify food insecurity in Ethiopia.
China’s recent currency devaluation could have serious implications for Africa.
Despite strong economic strides over the last decade, Ethiopia continues to experience a migration exodus. While it is not uncommon to find Africans in bizarre and risky situation as they seek better opportunities abroad, those fleeing harsh conditions tend to come from countries with well documented human right abuses or dangerous conflict zones. Although Ethiopia has had it shares of bad press for its friction with the media amongst other allegations, it does not explain why so many Ethiopians take extraordinary means to migrate aboard.