The apparent assassination of a highly regarded public figure has rocked Ethiopia to its core. Simegnew Bekele, the architect overseeing a prestigious hydroelectric project in Ethiopia, was shot dead last week in the capital Addis Ababa by an unknown attacker. Many people in the Horn of Africa country are now suspecting a foreign hand behind his brutal slaying. Bekele (53) was a much-loved .....
Image Source: Corbis

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Ethiopia refuses World Bank intervention in dam dispute
Ethiopia's Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has rejected Egypt's suggestion that the World Bank mediate a dispute over a hydroelectric dam being constructed on the Nile River. Ethiopia maintains it is possible to reach an agreement with Egypt in the spirit of cooperation and trust. CGTN's Girum Chala has more.
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Ethiopia's leather industry targets further growth
East Africa Commodities Gain Momentum