Henry Kijimwana Mhango

Henry Kijimwana Mhango

Henry Kijimwana Mhango is a freelance journalist based in Malawi and has worked for media organisations including the state-owned Malawi News Agency, the Big Issue Malawi Magazine, Capital Radio Malawi and International Network of Street News Service (UK). His work has also been published by the Guardian (UK). He covers a number of areas including politics, economics, development, human rights issues, and the environment.  He can be contacted at henryjournalist@gmail.com.

“Harambee,” a Swahili word that literally means “pulling together,” has become a powerful strategy taken up by emerging Malawian entrepreneurs.

Malawians are seeking to expand and increase exports to help resuscitate the country’s economy.

Bicycle taxis have become a main mode of transport in both rural and urban areas in Malawi, and many youth are finding employment in the sector as jobs after secondary school and college remain elusive.

Malawians are anticipating the completion of a $350.7 million project geared at reducing the cost of doing business in Malawi by expanding access to electricity.

The US funded Millennium Challenge Corporation compact, which is being implemented by the Millennium Challenge Account Malawi, is intended to improve the availability and quality of the power supply by increasing the throughput capacity and stability of the national electricity grid and increasing efficiency of the hydro power generation.

Investing, growing, and benefiting together; that has become a victory song for thousands of ultra-poor Malawian women who are achieving economic gains through  a self-help initiative called Village Savings and Loans.

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