The Malawi government and economists are encouraging consumers to buy and use locally made products to support the crumbling economy and the country's depreciating currency.

Malawi’s sole electricity generator and supplier announced earlier this month that the country will “experience frequent and prolonged load shedding,” citing “insufficient generation capacity within the foreseeable future.” 

Newly re-elected Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza won a very controversial third term last week after months of protests and violence throughout the country. Nkurunziza won 69.41 percent of the vote while his nearest rival took 18.99 percent. Nkurunziza announced in April 2015 that he would be seeking his third term, creating controversy as many claim the constitution of Burundi as well as the Arusha Peace Agreement limit his presidency to two terms.

The government of Malawi has admitted the country is facing serious security lapses, which are threatening the safety and wellbeing of most citizens and compromising business environments.

During the past years, Malawi has experienced a spate of increased criminal activities, with many cases of murder, and armed robberies in banks, supermarkets, residential areas, and of late, religious premises like churches. The government has described the cases as unusual.