Mesued Mustefa

Mesued Mustefa

Mesued Mustefa  is a freelance journalist and consultant based in Ethiopia and has worked for various institutions and media organizations. He has M.A degree in journalism and communication from Addis Ababa University and a post graduate certificate in international diplomacy. He covers a number of areas including politics, economics, development, human rights issues, and the environment. 

He can be contacted at

Ethiopia’s capital city is scheduled to open the country’s first light rail system. Addis Ababa, as the hub of the country’s economy and transportation systems, as well as being the headquarters of the African Union, has needed a better transportation system for years.

A recent survey released by Global Emerging Market Center, titled “EY’s attractiveness surveys Africa 2015,” reveals that investor perceptions of Africa’s attractiveness for investment reached the lowest level since 2011. Moreover, only 53 percent of the respondents believe Africa’s attractiveness for investment improved over the last year, a 7 percent drop from 2014. 



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