China’s recent currency devaluation could have serious implications for Africa.
Congress failed to reauthorize the U.S. Export-Import Bank last month, which proponents say will hurt domestic businesses as well as global trade partners.  
There is a hot debate on whether Malawi should legalize industrial hemp, also known as industrial Cannabis, for purposes of improving exports and domestic earnings.
Despite strong economic strides over the last decade, Ethiopia continues to experience a migration exodus. While it is not uncommon to find Africans in bizarre and risky situation as they seek better opportunities abroad, those fleeing harsh conditions tend to come from countries with well documented human right abuses or dangerous conflict zones. Although Ethiopia has had it shares of bad press for its friction with the media amongst other allegations, it does not explain why so many Ethiopians take extraordinary means to migrate aboard.
Ethiopia’s capital city is scheduled to open the country’s first light rail system. Addis Ababa, as the hub of the country’s economy and transportation systems, as well as being the headquarters of the African Union, has needed a better transportation system for years.
Malawians are anticipating the completion of a $350.7 million project geared at reducing the cost of doing business in Malawi by expanding access to electricity. The US funded Millennium Challenge Corporation compact, which is being implemented by the Millennium Challenge Account Malawi, is intended to improve the availability and quality of the power supply by increasing the throughput capacity and stability of the national electricity grid and increasing efficiency of the hydro power generation.
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