Small-to-medium enterprises in Malawi have formed a new group aimed at boosting exports, called SME-4X. SMEs account for a large part of the business community in Malawi, however, most only sell their products locally, at low prices, making it difficult for them to grow.

The Malawi government and economists are encouraging consumers to buy and use locally made products to support the crumbling economy and the country's depreciating currency.

“Harambee,” a Swahili word that literally means “pulling together,” has become a powerful strategy taken up by emerging Malawian entrepreneurs.

Malawians are seeking to expand and increase exports to help resuscitate the country’s economy.

Malawi’s sole electricity generator and supplier announced earlier this month that the country will “experience frequent and prolonged load shedding,” citing “insufficient generation capacity within the foreseeable future.” 

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